You can now reserve SAMY, RoboCARE Lab’s new telepresence robot, and get the latest advanced robotics to help the elderly age well at home.


Your robot will be delivered in January 2018. As soon as your companion arrives, you will be able to install it in your loved one’s home. Are you ready for virtual visits?

Don’t pay anything else until April 2018!  Then, you will receive a monthly bill of €36 including tax. This offer is available for 24-month agreements.


The robot is guaranteed by RoboCARE Lab; if you encounter any problems, our team undertakes to replace your robot in under one week. We would be more than happy to give you all the necessary information on how to use our services by email or by phone: +33 9 83 81 00 68.


As well as our virtual visits, we provide a service for people who care for a fragile person called Ma Tribu; this is a useful information sharing tool to help them better meet the elderly’s needs for ageing well at home.

SAMY, the reassuring telepresence robot


The robot will help you remotely visit your loved ones by using mobile video-conferencing. Controlled using your PC or tablet and through our PRESENCE+ Home application, SAMY will transport you to the elderly person’s home.
  • Characteristics

    • Height : 100 cm
    • Weight : 5 kg
    • Charging time : 6 h
    • Utilisation time : 10 h
    • Standby time : 40 h
    • Wifi bandwidth : 2 Mbts

The robot’s characteristics are given as guidelines only and can differ slightly. The robot is delivered with its charging station and requires a 22V power supply near to your TV box.


Before installing, our team will test your internet connection to ensure it is sufficient for the service to work correctly. RoboCARE Lab undertakes to reimburse you in the event of a delivery problem.


By clicking on Add to cart, you reserve your telepresence robot and agree to a 24-month contract from January 2018.