Our Mission


Very involved in the French Silver Economy ecosystem, RoboCARE Lab imagines innovative solutions to help people age well in their homes. Connected to our PRESENCE+Home platform, our robots become companions in the life of the elderly and offer a huge support to their relatives/caregivers.


Human – Machine

The machine must remain under our control: in this context, we are committed to implementing innovative solutions of great simplicity where the user has control over the behavior of the robot.

Respect & satisfaction

RoboCARE Lab is committed to respecting the privacy of its customers, to make every effort to satisfy them, to establish a climate of confidence by remaining at their disposal to the constant improvement of the service.

Quality first

RoboCARE Lab uses the creativity of its employees and partners to develop high quality and ever more effective services by drawing on the advanced technologies of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Towards the future

RoboCARE Lab is committed to protecting the jobs of today while inventing those of tomorrow. Concerned by climate change, we do make every effort to respect and protect the environment.




RoboCARE Lab is above all a humanist entrepreneurial adventure where diversity is a strength, with women and men sharing the ethical values of honesty, loyalty and professionalism.

RoboCARE Lab values include innovation, respect, creativity and teamwork
RoboCARE Lab values include quality, loyalty, honesty and adaptation



RoboCARE Lab was born from a meeting between two different, yet very complementary, personalities: Faissal Houhou, entrepreneur in new technologies after 20 years of experience in the mobile industry, and Dominique Blasco, product development specialist and director of research centers.

Both of them with strong experiences in positions of high responsibility in international hi-tech groups, decided to pool their skills and energy in this venture. To help people age well at home.

dominique blasco

CEO co-fondateur

faissal Houhou

COO co-fondateur

olivier saget

Directeur Marketing Produit

Thomas Peyruse

Ingénieur Roboticien

francois bensid

Directeur Technique

Marine Boissière

Responsable Communication

Julie  Créa


Isabelle Mattis

Assistante de Direction